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Nestled in the heart of Kilkenny city, our exciting new restaurant prepares delightful European cuisine using the finest local ingredients, which is prepared using modern French cooking techniques with an Italian hint. A wonderful combination! We also provide an extended menu for our Vegan and Vegetarian guests.


Truffles…they are considered as one of the most interesting ingredients in our kitchens, so flavorful and unique, they can easily influent their aromas to any dish, any type of cuisine…they just have to be in the right hands of people who have a lot of passion.

That’s the sole idea of our project as well, to create a small and unique restaurant with vision to be a place, where the guests will be “spoiled” from the moment they enter the venue; to feel cosy and comfortable and enjoy every minute of it..that’s why we choose the name of the restaurant to be “Truffles”!

Awards & Nominations:

Best Casual Dining-Kilkenny for 2018
Best Casual Dining – Leinster for 2018
Best Restaurant Manager – Kilkenny for 2018
Shortlisted on Yes Chef Awards 2017

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